I fulfil(ed) managerial, creative and technical roles on various projects.

Being busy, means less time to contemplate the meaningless of it all.

Yes, I am a joy to live with.

Current Commitments

  • Staffordshire University

    Staffordshire University

    I'm part of the tech' squad who oversee everything... well, technical for over 1050 games design students at Staffordshire University, working with motion capture and more.

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  • Creative Resolve

    Creative Resolve

    A small business through which I operate the vast majority of my commercial endeavours, including the creative outsourcing services I offer to other international design agencies.

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  • Frankenpets


    Frankenpets tells the stories of bizarre creatures comprising various animal species, lost in a world they were never meant for. I direct the project and handle elements of our artwork.

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Previous Commitments

  • EDNA


    A micro-design agency dedicated to organisations involved with the research and conservation of wildlife species across the globe.

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  • Oceans Research

    Oceans Research

    Oceans Research is an independent marine research company based in Mossel Bay South Africa, whose work is focused on great white sharkr research and outreach.

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