I’ve been involved with shark research since 2009.

I'm combining this with my interest in game design.

Yes, I’ve seen Jaws - no, it’s not real.

This is the greatest animal on the planet

  • Shark history

    History with sharks

    No-ones entirely sure why I love sharks as much as I do, though a bump on the head during birth hasn't been ruled out entirely.

    It's a childhood obsession that remained little more growing up, due to my living in centre of the UK, intense fear of the ocean and absolute lack of discernable academic competency.

    That changed in 2007, when I decided "F**k all that" and volunteered on a cage diving boat in South Africa, before moving to the country to help establish an indepedent marine research company in 2009.

    About the various projects I undertook during and since this time, you can learn more, below.

  • Shark research

    My research

    While I provide technical, managerial and analytical support to a number of shark-based research projects, I've likewise begun developing a few of my own.

    These are primarily intended to explore the role and application of videogame design and its associated technologies, within the context of shark research, conservation and outreach. A more pithy version of this summary is obviously my foremost priority.

    Initial experiments have made use of virtual reality, photogrammetry and the use of gaming in scientific visualiations.

    As if I wasn't nerdy enough.

  • Shark training

    Creating opportunities for others

    Making progress in shark research when your history, skillset and experience revolves around graphic design, isn't the most logical of career paths.

    This has taught me the importance of projects that offer a gateway to people who are as desperate as I was to be involved with the greatest animals on the planet.

    As such, I've always been involved with developing and operating volunteer programs and internships built around practical training, culminating in the 2018 launch of Marine Dynamics Academy: Scientific Internship.


  • Gauging the threat

    Gauging the threat

    The first ever study of the white shark population of Dyer Island (Gansbaai, South Africa), widely accepted as being the great white shark capital of the world.

  • Oceans Research

    Oceans Research

    Oceans Research is an independent marine research company based in Mossel Bay South Africa, whose work is focused on great white sharkr research and outreach.

  • White Shark Tracking

    White Shark Tracking

    Tracking the movement of white sharks is a unique way of learning about their behaviour and I'm one of three people to have done so in both Gansbaai and Mossel Bay, South Africa.

  • The tooth…

    The tooth…

    A novel photographic method that reveals significant differences between the sexes in the relationship between tooth cuspidity and shark total length.

  • White shark kinematics

    White shark kinematics

    What's cooler than attaching a camera to a shark fin and observing what it gets up to on a daily basis? That's right - nothing - which is why this project is the shit.

  • Marine Dynamics

    Marine Dynamics

    One of South Africa's first white shark cage diving companies, Marine Dynamics have since become a driving force in shark conservation through ecotourism.

  • Sci-comms


    As long as I've been involved with sharks I've been incorporating my interest in design, with a view to improving support for conversation by doing so.

  • Marine Dynamics Academy

    Marine Dynamics Academy