What I do

I am available for hire on a project basis, across any of the professional fields showcased on this website. I welcome the opportunity to expand into other fields, too.

In terms of specifically what I offer; whether you’d like me to talk about my own work, educate others who wish to improve theirs, consult upon or make a direct contribution to yours, I am always open to at least discussing new possibilities.

I’m not interested in pissing about. None of us are burdened with more time on this planet than we know what to do with, so I don’t entertain anyone who doesn’t take their work seriously enough to be concise, clear and motivated in their communicating of what they want of me.

Fundamentally, if anything on here has sparked your interest and you’re thinking “This dude’s a bit odd and I’m not sure about his beard, but I think he could bring something unique and positive to what we do”, then I believe that warrants a conversation, so please do get in touch.

What I charge

I charge according to the amount of time required of me. This does mean that some projects are subject to an initial consultation and quote, which I reserve the right to charge for.

I am proudly capitalist. Therefore no, I do not work for nothing and my preference is always to be remunerated in cold, hard cash

That being said, I am likewise a proud pragmatist and so am open to discussion if something of equal, if not greater value is available in its stead.

No – telling your mates about me does not constitute this.

Unless they’re the Avengers.

Black Widow, specifically.