My name is David, people call me Ed.

Unless I've upset them.

Which is less often than you'd think.

I like to keep busy

I specialise in the development of engaging interactive environments.

My ambition is to do so on challenging projects which immerse and empower.

Preferably in the company of like-minded, talented individuals.

If that’s of interest, please do get in touch.

Current Commitments

  • Staffordshire University

    Staffordshire University

    I'm part of the tech' squad who oversee everything... well, technical for over 1050 games design students at Staffordshire University, working with motion capture and more.

  • Frankenpets


    Frankenpets tells the stories of bizarre creatures comprising various animal species, lost in a world they were never meant for. I direct the project and handle elements of our artwork.

Previous Commitments

  • Oceans Research

    Oceans Research

    Oceans Research is an independent marine research company based in Mossel Bay South Africa, whose work is focused on great white sharkr research and outreach.

  • Marine Dynamics

    Marine Dynamics

    One of South Africa's first white shark cage diving companies, Marine Dynamics have since become a driving force in shark conservation through ecotourism.

  • EDNA


    A micro-design agency dedicated to organisations involved with the research and conservation of wildlife species across the globe.