Haaid and Seek

Create an illustration for a colleague's Masters Thesis.
Said study details the interaction between sharks and seals.
Essentially, a game of 'hide and seek'.

Project details

Project Summary:


Michelle Wcisel is a good friend and solid scientist, whose Masters Thesis detailed the interactions between Great white sharks and Cape fur seals at Dyer Island, South Africa. She wanted some fresh artwork to adorn the front cover and I can't say no to any excuse to draw sharks... or help a friend in need... of course.


The study looked at the numerous ways in which seals hide from, or evade their natural predators. Essentially creating a game of 'hide and seek' which I explored by posing the animals either side of the main island. Oh, and 'Haai' is the Afrikaans word for shark... clever?



Responsibilities and tools:

  • Art Direction,
  • Freehand drawing,
  • Colouring,

Final 'Haaid And Seek' Artwork

Illustration of a great white shark and cape fur seal Freehand Great white shark illustration Freehand Cape fur seal illustration