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Volume over talent

Drums appeal to the caveman in me. Something about hitting faux-animal skins with large lumps of wood.

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How long have I been playing drums for?

Ugh, I’m now at that age where considering the amount of time I’ve been doing¬†anything, tends to bring with it a sense of dread.

I must’ve started around the age of thirteen, so a bloody long time. That being said, I went long periods of inactivity, particularly when we moved to South Africa.

But I do love drums. There’s something immediately expressive and powerful on a primal level, which I think most instruments miss.

As far as influences go, the vast majority of mine are jazz, pop and rock based. If you listened to what I mostly play though, you’d be forgiven for thinking my main influences are car crashes:


So yeah, that’s Krupskaya. We make quite the racket.

They’re my main creative outlet at the moment when it comes to musics and have been for the last fifteen years or so.

My plan is to broaden my playing in the next few years and contribute to a greater variety of musical projects.

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