My name is David ‘Ed’ Edwards.

I tell stories through design, science, music, business and people.

I live for chaos, evidently:

Latest Journal Entry: Creating ‘Paragon: Stylised Lighting – Riktor’ 7th April 2018

  • Portfolio

    Art & Design

    Creative art and design is my primary trade, predominantly centralised around illustration and interactive digital media.

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  • Sharks


    White sharks are boss. I've enjoyed working with them in a variety of research, technical and tourism based capacities since 2009.

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  • Noise


    Hitting drums like a demented, tone-deaf hobbit is among my favourite past-times and has lead to a number of surprising adventures.

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  • Projects


    I fulfil various roles on a number of projects because the busier I am, the less time I have to contemplate the meaningless of it all.

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  • Shop


    Some people want to pay for my work.
    This means I can buy food with money earned from something I enjoy.
    Gaia bless the free market.

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