Krupskaya is a grindcore band formed in 2005. Our music is relentless, brutal and under-written with bleak political subject matter. Your gran would absolutely love us.

Posted Sunday, December 31, 2017

We're all about the noise

Krupskaya was formed from the remnants of several Staffordshire-based bands who had met with real-life shaped bullets to their proverbial foreheads… the bands, not the individual musicians (sadly, in some cases).

There was a shared desire within some of the remaining members to simply write, record, release and tour intense, brutal music within the most immediate time-frame possible, while there’s still time for any of us to do so. Life is short, do something.

The resultant din has since become the vessel to a decade long creative journey. This journey has taken us into the stereos, ears, venues and homes of people across the globe (including Russia, Iceland and a considerable portion of Eastern Europe), whose generosity and friendship we’ve been greatly spoiled by.

Proof, I consider it to be, that the most horrible music is often enjoyed by the nicest (and arguably tone deaf) people.

I play drums for the band and create all of our artwork/media.