About David Edwards - Designer, Director

David Edwards


My name is David Edwards.
People call me Ed, unless I've upset them.
Which is less often than you'd think.


Since graduating Staffordshire University in 2006 (where I now also work part-time and no greater scathing an indictment of the UK education system are you likely to find), I have undertaken a number of roles and self-negotiated projects, each designed to challenge my technical abilities, broaden my creative perspective, undermine my inumerable pre-conceived notions and inform my ever-changing worldview in equal measure.

Which would be sufficiently validating in and of itself, were it not for my neurotic need to observe the fruits of my labor, manifest in tangible results on the few environments, people and causes I genuinely care about.

Regardless of how I think/feel about my work, if their effects aren’t quantifiable then they may as well have never existed, ergo my input, along with the subsequent sense of accomplishment and meaning is rendered utterly null and void. Yes, self-indulgent existential crises are commonplace in my household, which is why I’m so fortunate to have been blessed with a better half (also a fairly good photographer), herself cursed with infinite patience. But I digress.

While I’ve often found myself either leading the overall direction of a project or executing the specific deliverables therein, I’ve always endeavoured to immerse myself in the wider context of the goal we’re pursuing. As such, over the years I’ve found myself involved with everything from scientific co-authoring, product development and personnel management, to individual mentoring, technical support and client relations, all unified by a fundamental love for designing immersive, creative, results-driven solutions.

There’s no arguing that indulgence across such seemingly disparate areas has naturally limited the depth of the expertise I’ve developed, compared to where they’d be if I’d focused on any single one. However, the overriding benefit of this approach is that it’s allowed me to develop a malleability and broadness of perspective which has proven pivotal to the successes I’ve enjoyed (modest as they might be), taken me on journeys I’d have never imagined and for the most part, been unique to myself.

Fundamentally – I love developing creative solutions that forge quantifiable legacies and cultivate memorable stories in the process. Whether that’s achieved through pen and paper, keyboard and mouse or people and their skills, it’s all I’m really interested in and will most likely be doing up until the moment I buy the farm.

Do I freelance? At present I am indeed available for hire on very special projects, or fairly average projects with very special budgets. Needs must, either way, do get in touch.

Current Pursuits:

  • Staffordshire University

    I'm part of the technical team who oversee all things.. well, technical, on one of the UK's biggest and most highly recognised game design programs.

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  • The Shark Dev

    The public-facing component of my (prospective) PhD, essentially an exploration of videogame design’s role in shark research, protection and outreach.

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  • EDNA

    A micro creative agency operated by myself and my better half, dedicated absolutely to organisations involved with wildlife.

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  • Krupskaya

    A band for whom I play drums, characterised by bleak historical subject matter, intense speeds and harsh, contrasting rhythmic changes.

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  • DICT

    A South Africa based NGO specialising in the research and conservation of local marine wildlife. I'm currently operating as a producer.

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I get that like, having a links page is like, so0o late-90s, but the following people and places are uber worthy of your time and respect (that's inspite of their association with me):