Case Studies

I like to reflect upon previous design projects.

The stories behind work can so easily become forgotten, once completed.

It also (theoretically) keeps me from repeating mistakes.

  • Frozen Bodies Against The Wire

    Frozen Bodies Against The Wire

    12th March 2018 - An insight into the ballache/creative process behind the artwork for Krupskaya's 2017 split release with Germany's Wojczech.

  • Contaminated dead atmosphere

    Contaminated dead atmosphere

    7th July 2017 - I made a conscious effort to be more thoughtful and considered with my pre-production on the artwork this time

  • To die unburied and unborn

    To die unburied and unborn

    20th June 2017 - That split was followed by another, this time a CD release with Kill A Celebrity from Australia.

  • Gauging the threat

    Gauging the threat

    6th June 2017 - Publish the first study of white shark numbers at Dyer Island, the write, shoot, edit and present a film on said study in 7 days... sure.

  • Failed by the angel of mons

    Failed by the angel of mons

    1st June 2017 - Soon after Symbiosis Through Decay, we recorded and released a split record with Iowa’s  Trendy Bastard.

  • Symbiosis Through Decay

    Symbiosis Through Decay

    12th May 2017 - After Clouds over pripyat, we began work on our follow up record, although it seemed to take ages to make any progress with.

  • Clouds Over Pripyat

    Clouds Over Pripyat

    30th April 2017 - The first case study about developing and maintaining a visual narrative for Krupskaya's twelve year output of bleak noise.