Welcome to my online Journal.
A digital land of meditation and reflection.
There's probably some fart jokes in there, too.

  • Fudge you, pay me! Getting clients to pay their bills Dealing with clients who just won't pay up. Posted 4th May 2017

    The day to day experience of being your own boss (which is a bit of a lie in itself, the fact is that when you're self employed - every client is your boss) tends to fluctuate between two states: The shit, and just shit. The former is generally defined by the creative freedom you enjoy, the luxury of flexible work hours, complete isolation from other denizens of the human race (an arguable definition, if you've ever worked with web developers) and the general sense/horror of having relatively absolute power over your own financial destiny.

  • I’m starting a journal Because 'blogs' are so noughties. Posted 1st April 2017

    Contrary to what my facial hair, ever-increasing belt-size and general attire might lead you to believe - I am quite the narcissist. For the most part, my sense of self worth is largely informed by the results of my actions. Though they may be modest in both number and scale, I have over the years undertaken a diverse range of responsibilities, the results of which I've calculated will make a positive contribution to the world around me, or at least deepen my own character. Regardless of intent, I firmly believe that what you do in life is what matters because the results of your actions cannot judge you, assess your methods or offer an opinion on either.