My name's David 'Ed' Edwards. I am a...

Director. Pixel Pusher. University Technician.
Entrepeneur / Philanthropist in progress.
Noise Maker. Shark Botherer. Twat.

These seemingly disparate interests are unified by a single passion - storytelling.
I enjoy the tireless pursuit, cultivation and implementation of varied, compelling narratives.
Narratives that are designed to open eyes and ears, doors and pockets, hearts and minds.

And ideally - to earn me a bloody living. Here's how



  • Staffordshire University Staffordshire University

    University Technical Specialist and Educator

    I'm part of the tech' squad who oversee everything... well, technical for over 750 games design students at Staffordshire University, working with Mocap, imaging, development and more.
  • Great white sharks Great white sharks

    Sharks Research and Conservation

    I love sharks, have been involved in shark research and conservation since 2007 and became a published author in 2012 for my involvement with a study of the Dyer Island white sharks.
  • Frankenpets Frankenpets

    Frankenpets Bizarre creatures on incredible journies

    Frankenpets tells the stories of bizarre creatures comprising various animal species, lost in a world they were never meant for. I direct the project and handle elements of our artwork.
  • Krupskaya Krupskaya

    Krupskaya Grindcore Band

    Krupskaya is a grindcore band formed in 2005. Our music is relentless, brutal and under-written with bleak political subject matter. Your gran would absolutely love us.
  • Creative Resolve Creative Resolve

    Creative Resolve Design Consultancy Business

    A small business through which I operate the vast majority of my commercial endeavours, including the creative outsourcing services I offer to other international design agencies.

    EDNA Design For Wildlife

    A micro-design agency dedicated to organisations involved with the research and conservation of wildlife species across the globe.

Designer Journal:

  • I’m starting a journal Because 'blogs' are so noughties. Posted 1st April 2017

    Contrary to what my facial hair, ever-increasing belt-size and general attire might lead you to believe - I am quite the narcissist. For the most part, my sense of self worth is largely informed by the results of my actions. Though they may be modest in both number and scale, I have over the years undertaken a diverse range of responsibilities, the results of which I've calculated will make a positive contribution to the world around me, or at least deepen my own character. Regardless of intent, I firmly believe that what you do in life is what matters because the results of your actions cannot judge you, assess your methods or offer an opinion on either.